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Soul Motion®, designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí, is a practice of paying attention and waking up, together, to the physical reality of a body in motion, and the spiritual reality of the Presence that moves us. It’s a dance at the crossroads of the vertical drop into self and the horizontal extension toward another.

This conscious dance and movement practice enhances body awareness, creative expression, embodied presence, connection to community and a spirituality grounded in direct somatic experience. There are no steps to follow, just the whimsical path of endless self discovery—down from the mind’s conversations of past and future into the raw, messy & miraculous event of this body sweating, tensing, opening, living and dying: now. Soul Motion® offers a key to spontaneous living, a ticket to the Mystery, and release into freedom.

Join us for weekly classes in Sebastopol and Petaluma, and workshops at other locations around the world.

Zuza has taught Soul Motion since 2001 and served as co-leader of the Soul Motion® Leadership Program.

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A student writes

My dance is my own, it flows effortlessly through me and is mine. And it is completely informed and inspired by all that surrounds me: the music, the light thru the windows, the shapes next to me. I plagiarize without apology, as that curve inspires this spiral, as that turn inspires this dip. Moving through the room at times simply letting myself dance with everyone until I cease to be and I belong to the room, connected to everything: the music, the dancers, the movement, the space, the light.

I like who I find myself to be through my dance. And it keeps me coming back. – KJ, Dancer

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I really appreciate Scott and Zuza together-your dance, the transparency, the making space, finding voice, navigating to the place of synchronicity. Beautiful. Thank you for the Intimacy-in all its forms-contact, permission, eye contact, space, witnessing. You both hold space securely and safely, holding people with an open palm. I particularly loved the way you invited and held the whole of us and also were firm when it came to boundaries. Sometimes it is just so refreshing when lines are clear. "All is welcome here." This absolutely made it possible for me to show up as fully as I did.

Tiffany Higgins